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Entering the Sayulita rainforest is an amazing and breathtakingly beautiful experience.  Being in contact with nature, breathing the fresh jungle air, and taking in the incredible views will transport you to a place of balance and spiritual peace.

Together with our guide Jair Frausto you will be able to observe and learn about different types of vegetation, a great variety of birds, reptiles, insects, mammals, and marine animals. You will marvel at beautiful views and landscapes that stand out from the mountains. We will venture to cross rivers, climb up and down hills, and visit sacred places of the Huichol indigenous community and learn about their culture.

Once the hike is finished, we will arrive at a secluded virgin beach lined by palm trees and with golden sand and clear water that will give us an atmosphere of tranquility and peace. It is an ideal place to practice yoga and meditation while listening to the waves crash.

** All our tours include a yoga class on the beach led by certified yoga instructor, Diane Hicks. If you'd rather enjoy the beach during this time, you're welcome to do that too.

Level: Medium  

Time: 3:00 hrs approximately 

What to bring: Sunscreen, water, tennis shoes, Hat (optional)

Price: 30 USD / 500 MX per person.

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